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The days of Project Management being a part time job are well and truly over. Nowadays project managers hold demanding executive positions with high requirements on communication, Project Management and coordination competencies. 

These demanding requirements afford enthusiastic employees, since extensive project managing tasks often have to be dealt with in parallel with day-to-day business. Unsurprisingly, for many project managers motivation falls by the wayside in the medium term. While a line manager has ressources and budget at his/her disposal and is held in high esteem through his position in the organization chart, the battle for qualified employees and funds is the daily bread for project managers.

Against this background well trained employees sooner or later have to decide either in favour of a carreer in Project Management or in a line function - all too often they decide in favour of a safe carreer in such a position. It is up to the companies to take countermeasures with appropriate actions and incentives and to further improve the attractivity of the position "project manager".

First steps have already been made: Some companies are establishing carreer paths for project managers and are proceeding with the equalization of project managers with corresponding line positions. In this regard many companies have an enormous potential. 

This potential will be worked out systematically by a compact enquiry. According to the results we will provide Best Practices and recommendations as to how the position of the project manager could be made specifically more attractive by using effective incentives. We deliberately address the different target groups in projects and comment on the topic from project manager, project client and line manager view.

In the first part of our compact survey we provide an overview over already deployed incentive instruments. The second part aims for possible and target-aimed measures which which may help companies show their project management the appreciation they deserve. 

1000 thanks to all who joined in. The results of the enquiry were published
exclusively in Tiba-Magazin (2/2011).


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